Project BBC Terrific Scientific

Inspiring a million children required empathy and understanding on an epic scale. BBC Terrific Scientific aims to engage a new generation of future scientists.

Walking in the user's shoes

Walking in smaller shoes was central to the success of the project. We got inside the heads of our young audience and produced work full of fun and surprise, tailor-made to inspire curiosity and grab their interest.


It’s an absolute pleasure working with MERó. They understand completely the needs of our audience especially ones as young as those for Terrific Scientific. They have an incredible approach to a brief that produces a range of concepts and ideas that always deliver on time. I would recommend MERó with complete confidence

BBC Terrific Scientific Stephen Moon, Senior UX&D at BBC Education

A record-breaking audience

We reached a record-breaking audience of children and teachers, keeping them engaged and entertained with our brand identity, website and a suite of launch animations. And our creative had the flexibility to work online and offline, from Land’s End to John o’ Groats.