Jun 14 · 3 min

A brilliant new identity for a UK Top 100 digital agency

One of the most respected digital agencies in the UK, Code Computerlove are famous for their user focus, strategic approach and keen eye for detail. With an incredible reputation to maintain, MERó were honoured to take on a branding project with them.

This isn’t the first time MERó have delivered deeply personal work for fellow agencies, having worked on brand and digital design for some of the North West’s best known creative names.

Code’s tagline ‘brilliant never stops’ describes their process and how they work.

Code co-founder and Creative Director Wini Tse explains: “The agency works in continuous cycles of product creation, insight and strategy, each feeding into the other. This lean and collaborative approach is a key part of who Code are and was central to our new brand.”

MERó focused on Code’s position ‘brilliant never stops’ when shaping the new visual identity, drawing on the idea of an ongoing journey made up of many moving parts. Code’s different disciplines were visualised in three striking shapes and these shapes were used to create eye catching patterns. The idea was to capture a sense of movement and motion with a strong rhythm and clear focus. The patterns apply across every brand execution — from bespoke exhibition stands to the use of motion on the new website.

Andy Culbert, Creative Director of MERó explains how the project came about:

“I’ve worked with Code on a wide range of projects over the years, so I’m very familiar with the team as well as their level of expectation when it comes to creativity. It was a big compliment that Wini asked me and the MERó team to look at their visual identity as branding is incredibly personal and powerful, especially for an agency.

An open and collaborative relationship was established between MERó and Code from the very beginning. Code were part of the explorative phase, reviewing raw ideas and providing feedback as the project was developing rather than following a more traditional ‘grand reveal’.”

“Following the launch of the brand a creative exchange programme began between the two agencies with design teams working from each other’s studios to see the brand brought to life across various applications.”

Andy added: “Collaboration was key to the creative process and the success of the project. We aim to work collaboratively with all of our clients and it was especially important on an agency-to-agency project like this.”

Code’s co-founder Wini Tse added:

“MERó have given us a strong identity that reflects the next stage in our evolution as a business. It’s a creative solution — and now that we’ve put it into practice across our marketing and in-house collateral, we’ve discovered that it not only works really well, but also feels good and looks brilliant.”

Our collaborative and iterative approach certainly made a huge difference in reaching a solution that totally hit the mark in terms of what we were after. We’re all really pleased with the end result, something that we feel is due to the way we have worked together.”

You can read more about our work on this project over on Code’s blog.